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Drawing-catia-v5, the bellow video is about how you can create a simple part using simple commands in catia v5 part design module. for more questions or videos please check my youtube channel and also the catia video tutorial section from this blog.. Many of us need a course refresher once in a while. this video is intended for giving catia users an extensive overview of catia v5 drafting. this is part 1. for the full hd video go to my blog ..., tutorial to use drafting workbench in catia v5. step 1: open the model for which drafting is to be performed. step 2: switch to drafting workbench.

Catia drafting / drawing tutorial for beginners - 1. this tutorial shows how to create 2d drawing from 3d part in catia v5 step by step. topics covered in this tutorial are: catia drafting view ..., catia v5 lightsaber technical drawing: the purpose of this instructables is to show you how to make a technical drawing from the catia v5 lightsaber we created in earlier instructables. this will mainly show you how to import and dimension a drawing. this step will be vital if the obje.... Drafting for beginners in catia v5 – title block, border, scale and more. 04/25/2016 by joe leave a comment. drafting in catia v5 is second most used module in my opinion. you should know how to use this module if you want to bring the right dimensions of a part to be executed on cnc or other machine., ?this tutorial is an introduction to generative drafting. message?to show how catia v5 allows the user to automatically generate associative drafting from 3d mechanical parts produced with catia version 5.?to show a higher productive environment for drawings dress-up and annotation duration?45 minutes product coverage?part design, generative ....

Drafting. 7.generative drafting workbench. the generative drafting workbench provides a simple method to create and modify views on a predefined sheet. you may also add, modify and/or delete dressup and 2d elements to these views. all this is performed on a sheet which may include a frame and a title block and will eventually be printed.